Guests are

  • Emmaia Gelman, who teaches public policy at Sarah Lawrence College with a focus on policing and violence, race, queerness, and rights. Her book manuscript (in development) on the Anti-Defamation League is based on archival research and collaborations with Black, Jewish, Arab, Muslim, and queer grassroots organizations.
  • Leo Ferguson, director strategic projects for Jews For Racial & Economic Justice;
  • Veronica Mosqueda, campaign organizer for ACLU-DC; and
  • Nicole Nguyen, associate professor of criminology, law, & justice and educational policy studies at University of Illinois-Chicago.

A few questions we’ll consider: Does law enforcement have a role in defeating anti-semitism and other forms of bigotry? What about police-adjacent organizations like the Anti-Defamation League? What, if any, role an added surveillance play? What are some of the dangers, historical and present, for various groups seeking to align with law enforcement?

Resources mentioned in the discussion for further exploration:

ACLU-DC is part of Community Oversight of Surveillance-DC: Take Control DC Coalition

Nicole Nguyen is part of Service is Not Surveillance Campaign (details coming)

Great resources, including some co-authored by Leo Ferguson, on antisemitism and racism from Jews For Racial & Economic Justice

Drop the ADL campaign — — and webinar including history segment by Emmaia Gelman

Watch the segment at