Our Freedom to Thrive Campaigns:

The People's Budget: Fighting for #CareNotCuts

All New Yorkers should have access to housing, livelihood, and resources to thrive. There are no “deserving” and “undeserving” New Yorkers. But New York City Mayor Eric Adams is set on implementing a ruthless austerity agenda, gutting the city’s workforce and slashing funding for schools, libraries, and essential social services at a time when we most need them. We're fighting for a different future for our city: where every district, every neighborhood, and every block, is a nurturing, stable home for all of its residents. As a voting member of both the New York Working Families Party (NYWFP) and Communities United for Police Reform (CPR), and as a coalition member and the fiscal sponsor of People's Plan NYC, JFREJ plays a key role in NYC grassroots coalitions working to defeat the mayor's agenda and pass a People's Budget that fully funds essential city agencies & services. Learn more here and click here to take action.

Migrant & Housing Justice: Protecting #RightToShelter & supporting the newest New Yorkers.

JFREJ members are organizing with Tirdof: New York Jewish Clergy for Justice, VOCAL-New York, Make the Road New York, Never Again Action, and the New York Immigration Coalition to counter cruel & callous efforts to pit longtime New Yorkers struggling with homelessness against the newest New Yorkers who have come to our city in search of a better life. Together, we are pursuing a caring and compassionate plan to protect New York City's Right To Shelter, and bring all our unhoused neighbors home. Click here to take action.

Ending Police Violence: Abolition, #Jews4BlackLives, Communities United for Police Reform, and safety beyond policing

JFREJ has been fighting for police accountability for over twenty years. As a core member of Communities United for Police Reform, we have worked to protect all New Yorkers’ civil rights and to win transparency, oversight and community control of the NYPD. As an ally to the Justice Committee and the families of New Yorkers killed by the NYPD, our #Jews4BlackLives mobilizations have demanded (1) the firing of the NYPD officers responsible for these crimes, and (2) significantly reducing the bloated NYPD budget in favor of resourcing our communities. Learn more here.

NYC Against Hate: Joining with our neighbors to stop hate violence of all kinds

NYC Against Hate is a diverse coalition of community-based organizations working across identities to make New York safer for our communities. Convened by Jews For Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ) and the New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP), NYC Against Hate includes AAPI, Jewish, Arab-American, Muslim, LGBTQ, and Black and Brown New Yorkers, uniting to create safety for our communities and to build a stronger New York City. We believe that we can’t arrest our way out of bigotry — the only effective solution to hate violence and bias incidents is held in our communities, not in more policing and prosecution. We also know that a small, but organized and growing, far-right exists in our city that increasingly targets queer and trans New Yorkers. Whether it's community safety canvassing or joining anti-fascist groups of autonomous New Yorkers taking action to defend Drag Story Hour, this approach is more important than ever. Learn more here.

Photo by Paul Frangipane

We share the name Freedom to Thrive with an ally organization: Freedom to Thrive, the organization, works to build a world where safety means investment in people and planet and end the punishment-based criminal and immigration systems. Check out their powerful work here!