Neighborhood Groups

Connect with JFREJ & TJV members in your area. Make friends, learn, and take action together.

Neighborhood Groups are where members of JFREJ and The Jewish Vote build relationships with other members, learn about a range of political and cultural topics, and take action together — all in our local neighborhoods.

Join a neighborhood group today!

Over the last two years over 500 JFREJ and TJV members have participated in Neighborhood Groups, and as we enter 2021 we're poised to expand these groups to include thousands of progressive Jews across the city. As New York City continues to respond to the COVID crisis and prepares for the 2021 elections for city council, for mayor, for comptroller, etc., we know that our neighborhood groups have the potential to be powerful sites of mutual aid, learning, community-building, action and rapid response, and partnership between local elected officials and the progressive Jewish community.

When we are organized and politicized at the local level and connected to the communities we live in, we will have the power to advance our transformative vision for a city and state where everyone has the resources and care they need in order to thrive. Register for a Neighborhood Group here.

Don’t forget: neighborhood groups are for members, so join or renew today at this link in order to participate! Dues are suggested at $5 a month or $36 a year, sliding scale.

(Main photo credit: Essow Kedelina)