Current Open Positions

There are no open positions at this time

Our Approach

When opportunities arise, we advertise them on this page and through social media and email blasts, as much as possible. You can sign up for our email list here, and find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

If you’d like to send us your resume or other portfolio materials in anticipation of open positions — whether full-time, part-time, temporary, permanent, or internships — you are welcome to do so via our skills reserve so we can inform you of future openings if your experience is a match.

Our approach to internships: We sometimes get unsolicited requests from students and other individuals eager to set up an internship with us — which is always flattering and tempting. That said, there is a growing consensus that providing internships in this way reinforces inequity through what’s referred to in the “hidden job market”. We are therefore committed to planning ahead for times in the calendar when we can both accommodate interns (i.e., with appropriate supervision capacity) and compensate them (we do not offer unpaid internships unless there is compensation through a third party, such as an educational institution), and we will advertise those opportunities with as much notice as possible.

Our approach to short-term and temporary opportunities: When we are able to predict short-term roles with enough notice, we strive to advertise them through our various channels. Since that’s not always possible with the pace of our organizing, we invite freelancers with an interest in working with us to share their information in our skills reserve. Whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer, visual artist, musician, videographer, copy editor, logistician, event planner, or have other skills that serve to both pay your bills and sustain you in other ways, we want to know you and how to contact you so that we can reach out about time-sensitive opportunities if your experience is a match.

Values & Vision

The way we think about paid opportunities for members of JFREJ is articulated in our 2021 “compensation policy” which you can download to read in full here.

JFREJ is committed to building a broad, membership-based organization, where the vast majority of the day-to-day work of building power happens through the unpaid yet invaluable contributions of our thousands of members taking on a variety of roles and developing their leadership over time, dedicated to building a vibrant Jewish left in partnership with wider movements for justice.

And, our members often ask “In what context and under what conditions might a member of JFREJ be compensated financially as part of their participation in building JFREJ?” The policy was developed to answer that question.

We are currently piloting the policy and will revisit it once we’ve had a chance to try some of the new practices and protocols that we’re rolling out. If you have feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact with “Compensation Policy: Feedback / Questions” in the subject line.

You can download and read the full policy, which includes our sliding scale, here. You can fill out the payment questionnaire here.

JFREJ is an equal opportunity employer; for all employment opportunities, people of color, Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews, women and gender nonconforming people, people with disabilities, immigrants, LGBTQIA+, and people who live or have lived in poverty are strongly encouraged to apply.