About the Poor and Working Class Caucus at JFREJ

The PWC Caucus within JFREJ is a political home-base and community for currently poor and/or working class members, bringing together our voices, our experiences, and exerting our political power, to influence strategic decisions of JFREJ organizing, as well as electoral endorsements, through a class lens. We are a community for JFREJ members who live with, or have lived with, sustained financial hardship, experiences of poverty, or a lack of a safety net.

The Caucus is an affinity space whose members supports each other through relationships, mutual aid efforts, and political education. This is a space for JFREJ members to deepen their class analysis, cultivate our leadership and build new models of value within JFREJ and the broader community that are not economically based. Learn more.

Photo of two people at a Poor People's Campaign rally. One person is holding a sign reading "fight poverty not the poor"