Jews For Racial & Economic Justice organizes in New York City on the unceded land of the Munsee Lenape, Canarsee, Rockaway, Wappinger, Reckgawanc, Unkechaug, Matinecock, and Haudenosaunee Nations.

This National Day of Mourning, we are taking a step toward repair in our relationship to Native communities by heeding the call of Indigenous peoples’ funds for non-Indigenous people to offer concrete financial support. In recognition of Manhattan’s founding myth — that European colonizers “paid” $24 to the Canarsie tribe for the island — and per the recommendation of the Manna-hatta Fund, we are starting with a donation of $2,400, paid to the fund.

As Jews with histories of displacement, genocide, and cultural erasure, we know that acknowledgement and solidarity are essential parts of collective responsibility. We also know that this is just a first step as people living on stolen land, in a country built off the labor of enslaved people, towards actualizing our ongoing responsibility to reconciliation and repair.

There is always more to do and to learn, so we hope you’ll join us this week in reading this toolkit “Rethinking Thanksgiving,” created by the Indigenous Solidarity Network.

To learn more about repayment, donations, and other acts of solidarity with Indigenous communities, check out the Manna-hatta Fund here.