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One who destroys a life, Jewish tradition tells us, is considered to have destroyed an entire world; one who saves a life has saved an entire world. As a rabbinical student and a parent, that is the highest value I can teach. Which is why I brought my children to a protest calling on U.S. leaders to support a ceasefire and prevent genocide in Gaza: to save lives, to save worlds.

Yet my Queens congressman, Greg Meeks, in the name of supporting Israel and his Jewish constituents, introduced a resolution that does just the opposite. I want to make this crystal clear: sending more weapons for Israel’s military invasion of Gaza will not bring back the hostages and will not bring peace. The most Jewish way I can possibly respond to Hamas’ terrifying attacks that killed 1,400 Israelis — 1,400 entire worlds — is to prevent further death and suffering.

Israel’s airstrikes have already killed more than 3,000 Palestinians. Each of those lives was an entire world — 47 families have been completely eliminated and more than 1,000 children killed. I am weeping for them every day. All this death is a senseless tragedy that will not lead to a more peaceful future for anyone.

Despite much of the rhetoric justifying Israel’s actions, this violence against Palestinians does not protect Jews. Providing the state of Israel with blanket support for genocide in Gaza does not protect Jews. Dehumanizing Palestinians and treating genocide with indifference does not protect Jews. These actions are shameful desecrations of life. I refuse to stand by while more innocent people are killed — in my name.

The Jewish American future does not lie with one-sided congressional resolutions offering unconditional support for the state of Israel with zero accountability and zero acknowledgement of Palestinian humanity. It is with groups like If Not Now and Jewish Voice for Peace that support equality and justice for all. This is why I joined my fellow Jewish Americans last week at a protest and sit-in at the Capitol calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Our spirits were lifted by the strength of our community uniting to prevent genocide. As Jews, all of whom have studied Holocaust history, many of whom had family members killed at the hands of the Nazis, or who have survivors in our families, we say: never again. Never again for anyone. Never again is now.

Instead of pursuing a ceasefire, which 66% of American voters now support, Meeks proposed a resolution that pledges unconditional support for Israel’s brutal assault. Instead of pushing for de-escalation, President Biden is asking Congress to give billions more in weapons, which 52% of Americans oppose, to Israel as they prepare to invade Gaza. Instead of listening to the tens of thousands of Americans who want an end to this bloodshed, our leaders are beating the drums of war.

If safety was an actual priority for Congress it would do far more to fight the antisemitism and Islamophobia propagated by the far-right here at home. If returning the hostages was Congress’ aim, it would be pushing for more negotiation like the efforts that successfully secured the release of two Israeli-Americans last week. If peace was the goal, Congress would pass Rep. Cori Bush’s resolution calling for a ceasefire and the facilitation of humanitarian assistance into Gaza, already signed by 18 members of Congress.

Instead, Meeks’ resolution, in addition to endorsing further military support for the State of Israel’s campaign, calls for “tight controls on what materials go into the Gaza Strip, including through thorough vetting of assistance.” The Palestinian people trapped in Gaza are already cut off from water, food, electricity and internet access.

They are drinking salt water to stay alive; they are posting their last words on social media platforms; they are being bombed while following evacuation orders. And yet promised humanitarian aid waited for days at the border while bureaucrats negotiated — while hospitals ran out of supplies and families out of food.

Palestinians deserve full recognition of their humanity, Congressman Meeks. Palestinians deserve to live. Their continued isolation, trauma, and deaths will not lead to safety for anyone — not Israelis, Jews around the world, or your constituents here at home. Should your proposed resolution pass, you will have blood on your hands.

I implore you to change course while you still can, in the name of protecting life: join the members of Congress who have signed on to Bush’s ceasefire proposal. Align yourself with the thousands of Jews of conscience who have joined protests in D.C. to stop this disgraceful violence.

Solomon is a rabbinical student at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, a member of Jews For Racial & Economic Justice, and lead singer of The Shondes, a Jewish punk rock band.

Read the opinion piece on the NY Daily News site