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APRIL 3, 2023 - The People’s Plan releases the following statements from our People’s Budget coalition partners on the City Council’s FY24 Preliminary Budget Response:

“While still reviewing the details of this response, we applaud the Speaker and the Council for standing up to the dangerous and fiscally irresponsible cuts proposed by the Mayor,” said Zara Nasir, Executive Director of The People’s Plan. “The council’s budget response echoes many of the People’s Budget campaign demands, with increased funding for 3-K, CUNY, public schools, libraries, adult literacy, and health and social services, as well as reining in unaccountable NYPD spending. Our coalition with tens of thousands of members across the city calls on the council to hold the line in the upcoming negotiations against Mayor Adams’ dangerous cuts, ensuring that a budget cannot pass unless it invests in the services all New Yorkers need.”

“We commend the Speaker and City Council for pushing back against the Mayor’s austerity budget, and listening to youth and community members. The Council’s proposed investments in 3K, early childhood programs, and public schools show a commitment towards a safer, healthier and more just city,” said Smitha Milich, New York City campaign coordinator, Alliance for Quality Education and member of the New Yorkers for Racially Just Public Schools coalition (RJPS). “They recognize that New York City must allocate education funding in a way that ensures continuity in key programs for students, so that principals can plan for the school year and not be forced to make drastic shifts in programming or staffing levels due to enrollment declines. The Council’s proposals to continue the expansion of 3K — including to ensure timely payments to 3K providers, convert seats to extended day/year, and provide pay parity for early childhood education providers — are an acknowledgement of the issues with DOE’s administration of the program, and provide solutions based on what parents and providers actually need. Finally, we applaud the expansion of restorative justice programs and hope the Council will push for an infusion of funds for social and emotional learning city-wide as well, to address the impact of COVID on children in all districts.”

“We’re glad to see that the Speaker and City Council seem committed to rejecting Mayor Adams’ cruel and reckless budget cuts,” said Rabbi Barat Ellman, a member of Jews For Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ). “For all the mayor’s recent talk about faith, he has forgotten Proverbs 14:31 – ‘one who cares for the needy honors God’ and ‘one who withholds what is due to the poor affronts the Creator.’ Jews for Racial & Economic Justice urge the Council to continue fighting for a moral budget that responds to and serves the entire city.”

"We applaud the Speaker and City Council for standing up against the Mayor’s harmful budget, which proposes cuts to many of the essential services New Yorkers most need." said Taina B Wagnac, Senior Manager of State and Local Policy at New York Immigration Coalition. "The City Council preliminary budget renews the City’s promise to address the situations affecting our most vulnerable communities by restoring and expanding programs like 3-K, pay parity for 3-k and pre-k, adult literacy restoration and library funding, language access restoration."

The People’s Plan is a coalition working towards a collective vision for a City that provides dignity, care, and justice for all New Yorkers, and fighting against the Mayor’s austerity agenda and for a budget that provides #CareNotCuts for the working class and people of color.

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