Shabbat For Ceasefire - Morning Services

Our demand for an immediate, permanent ceasefire is a sacred calling. In answer to this call we turn to prayer, as did our ancestors throughout the millennia, to bind us together in holy community, and to hold the hope, grief and righteous indignation that fill our hearts at this time of moral crisis. Shabbat is a time out of time when we strengthen ourselves and each other through prayer and song to reenter the work of struggle.

All are invited to join Rabbis for Ceasefire weekend of [live-streamed] Parshat Bo Shabbat services, Torah study and workshops offered by the now 240-plus Rabbis for Ceasefire.

In this time of crisis, join Jews (and friends!) in the ceasefire movement to lift up our hearts in rage, grief, hope and connection.

Services will be livestreamed at
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