#ReclaimMedicare from Corporate Greed!

Join JFREJ and the Cross-Union Retirees Organizing Committee on Friday in front of the Manhattan offices of NY Senators Schumer & Gillibrand to celebrate Medicare’s 58th Birthday! There will be cupcakes, signs, and songs as we urge our Senators to fight against the privatization of public Medicare and to #ReclaimMedicare from Corporate Greed. We'll present a big birthday card signed by many constituents to the Senators.

For generations, Medicare has been the rock-solid guarantee of healthcare for older adults and people with disabilities. But now, for-profit insurance companies have used Medicare (dis)Advantage plans to line their pockets with BILLIONS of dollars by preventing patients from getting the quality healthcare they need.

According to the National Bureau of EconomicResearch, 10,000 Medicare Advantage patients die every year because their insurance providers delay them in getting the care their doctor ordered. Recent studies have also suggested that insurance companies offering Medicare Advantage plans are over-billing the U.S. Government by $75 Billion every year.

Tell NY Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to protect our public Medicare from Medicare Advantage billionaire CEOs whose focus is on profits over patient health!