Not On Our Dime - Rally & March with JFREJ

Right now, New York taxpayers are subsidizing Israeli settler violence. How? Because certain non-profit organizations that fund illegal settlements have tax-exempt status. As New Yorkers who care about Palestinian lives and as Jews who believe our community should not be protecting non-profit organizations that directly harm Palestinians, we are marching on July 20th to say #NotOnOurDime!

Join JFREJ for a rally and march with the Not On Our Dime! coalition.

On Thursday 7/20 at 6pm at Herald Square, the Not on Our Dime! coalition is taking to the streets to call for an end to Israeli settler violence and demand our state stop subsidizing Israeli settlement expansion.

Why this matters?

While Israeli settlements may feel far away, many of the settlers who are attacking Palestinians and stealing their land are using funding from organizations here in New York State. These organizations masquerade as “charities” while funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to forcibly evict families, bulldoze schools, destroy roads, and push more Palestinians off their land.

About the Not On Our Dime! Campaign:

JFREJ is a supporter of the Not On Our Dime! campaign, which you can learn more about here:

The Not On Our Dime! Act was recently introduced into the New York State legislature by Assembly Member Zohran Mamdani (a TJV-endorsed elected!). The bill aims to end local NY subsidizing of Israeli settlement projects, by prohibiting NY-based non-profits from funding Israeli settlement expansion (activity that is in violation of the Geneva convention).