Support Kawaski Trawick's Family to #FireNYPD - Press Conference

Kawaski Trawick's family will be taking more time off from work to fly in from Georgia on November 17 for another court conference. The family is demanding no more delays and for the disciplinary trial to be scheduled immediately. Please stand with the Trawick family on November 17 at 1:30pm at 1 Police Plaza, following the court conference. The family will be joined by elected officials and NYC-based organizations.

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Last time the Trawick family was in NYC (on October 20), the police union attorney representing Officer Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis caused delays, forcing the family to return to Georgia without knowing when the disciplinary trial for Thompson and Davis will begin. It's already been 3.5 years since Thompson and Davis killed Kawaski, who was cooking in his own home. Neither abusive officer has been held accountable in any way and continues to work for the NYPD, collecting paychecks funded by our tax dollars and patrolling in our communities.

Background & Video:

Video highlights key facts in the case. (*Content Warning: contains footage of extreme police violence).

On April 14, 2019, 32-year-old Kawaski Trawick was locked out of his apartment at an assisted living facility in the Bronx, called Hill House. Kawaski had food cooking on the stove when he was accidentally locked out. Rather than help him get back to his apartment, staff members at Hill House called 911 requesting police and reported that Kawaski was in emotional distress. The fire department let him back into his apartment. By the time NYPD Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis arrived, Kawaski was already back in his apartment cooking. He was not a threat to anyone. Officer Davis gloved up, as if he were preparing to go into a fight, then broke the chain on Kawaski’s door with his baton to illegally gain entry. Kawaski asked the officers multiple times, “Why are you in my home?” and explained, “I’m cooking.” Both Davis and Thompson refused to answer Kawaski’s questions and repeatedly escalated the situation, barking orders at Kawaski and pointing a taser and a gun at him. Shortly after, Officer Thompson tased him without cause, and then shot and killed Kawaski within 112 seconds of their arrival. The NYPD sensationalized the fact that Kawaski was holding a bread knife to justify shooting him, but he was holding the knife because he was cooking. He didn’t pose a threat to anybody.

After shooting him, neither of the officers even attempted to administer emergency medical aid to Kawaski. They closed the door to Kawaski’s apartment, then stood outside, leaving Kawaski to bleed out on the floor. Neither Thompson nor Davis did anything to try to keep Kawaski alive.

In June 2021, the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) voted to substantiate fireable charges against Thompson and Davis and the NYPD served the charges that the CCRB filed in October. For a full year, the family has been calling on the CCRB and NYPD to schedule the trial.

The charges substantiated against officer Brendan Thompson include the use of force for shooting Kawaski and tasing him without cause and abuse of authority for entering Kawaski’s home and failing to obtain medical treatment after shooting Kawaski. The charges substantiated against Herbert Davis include abuse of authority for unlawfully entering Kawaski’s home including when he unjustifiably used his baton to break the chain on Kawaski’s door and failing to obtain medical treatment.

Kawaski was a Black queer man, a son, and a brother, who was pursuing his dreams as a dancer, teacher, and an entrepreneur in New York City.