How to Understand & Combat Antisemitism and its Instrumentalization in NYC

Antisemitism is real and it causes direct harm to Jews. It’s also at the core of the authoritarian political movements that use conspiracies and fear-mongering to divide marginalized groups, and oppose multiracial inclusive democracy. This one-hour introductory training will help answer questions like: Who are Jews? How does antisemitism work, and how does it interact with other forms of oppression? How is it being instrumentalized or claimed to the detriment of Jews and other marginalized groups in New York and around the world? What can we do to fight it? And what does Israel-Palestine have to do with all of this, anyway?

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Participants will leave with: practical tips for building movements that are inclusive of Jews; the ability to recognize antisemitism and the confidence to be unapologetically supportive of a future with dignity and equality for Palestinians and Israelis — deepening our shared commitment to progressive values of equity, justice, and liberation. This workshop is an adaptation of curriculum that JFREJ uses with The Jewish Vote-endorsed candidates and elected officials. We’re thrilled to share it with our wider membership!

This event is part of a larger series presented by the JFREJ Israel-Palestine Team as part of a participatory process that engages our neighborhood groups, caucuses, campaign teams, allies, and full membership. Together, we will do some deep learning together; clarify when and how we take action and speak out on the subject; align around a theory of change; and develop a shared understanding of our strategy on Israel-Palestine as a local issue. This series is only open to JFREJ dues-paying members in good standing. If you need to renew your dues or become a member, you can do so at!