Radical Tzedakah: Uncovering Anti-Capitalist Torah

Imagining alternatives to the bleak capitalist status quo will take all the collective sources of inspiration we can draw on. In a Jewish landscape where text knowledge all too often belongs exclusively in the hands of those defending of an unjust system, this event aims to empower Jews of any and all backgrounds to reclaim the liberatory potential of their our Torah's economic vision, deepening our roots in JFREJ's radical organizing, our membership model, and fundraising work. We'll look at a brief history of Jewish anti-capitalist critique and explore a neglected Sephardi text on class struggle together.

No prior knowledge or experience with text study or Hebrew will be necessary to participate fully!

JFREJ’s member-led grassroots fundraising committee, Move Money Build Power, is excited to be hosting this political education series this year to deepen our knowledge of grassroots fundraising. We’re looking forward to exploring what our Jewish traditions have to say about money and wealth redistribution, how different justice movements have used grassroots fundraising in history, and more! This is our first installment and will be led by JFREJ member, Allen Lipson.

Registration closes at 5:30pm ET on August 11th.