JFREJ Mimouna

Mimouna is a holiday with roots in Moroccan and other North African Jewish communities. It begins the night Passover ends, marking the return of chametz (leavened products) back into our homes. Since most Jews in North African countries lived among Muslim people, they would often sell their chametz to their Muslim neighbors before Passover began, and Mimouna marked the resale of that flour, the return of non-Jewish neighbors back into our homes, and a night filled with singing Arabic songs, dancing with plates, quickly making moflettas (pancakes), gathering the family together, and eating sweet and doughy treats with everyone on the block.

Mimouna is one of the most beautifully ordinary rituals of Jewish and Muslim solidarity in Moroccan and North African Jewish history. That’s why we are so excited to bring this celebration to our multi-racial, cross-class, inter-faith communities in our rooted home in New York City, as we narrate the bold vision we have for a shared future of Jewish people alongside our beloved neighbors in the diaspora. Join us in celebrating 5 years of revolutionary organizing among Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews at JFREJ, alongside our neighbors, and in finding joy and nourishment for the long fight ahead!

There will be sweet desserts, live music, dancing, storytelling, interpretation, and childcare. *There will also be nuts at this event!* The space is wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions related to access, email Ora Batashvili, our Mimouna Access & Care Coordinator, at katzopolis@gmail.com.

Make sure to RSVP for Mimouna here, spread the word on Facebook, and donate at this link to help us make this incredible event happen!

We need to collectively raise $10,000! That money will help us pay for:

  • Stipends for 3 Artists/Cultural Workers from the Mizrahi/Sephardi Caucus and 2 Mentoring Artists for their labor in shaping the artistic vision for this event, and 1 Access & Care Coordinator to oversee access, childcare, interpretation, and security

  • Renting a beautiful space and offering sweet desserts and snacks

  • Art supplies to produce beautiful art installations and banners

  • A live band, and all types of performers!

And there are still so many ways you can support the creation of this event in addition to donating. Join us at any and all of these to make Mimouna happen:

Our action nights are the perfect chance for members new and old to come together to socialize and build JFREJ's capacity as a progressive Jewish organization fighting for justice in NYC. Together, we'll hear from our Mimouna planning team about what's in store, how to plug in, and help to mobilize people for the event. Dinner and wine provided, and the venue is wheelchair accessible. RSVP on Eventbrite and spread the word on Facebook.

See you at Mimouna!

In anticipation,

The Mimouna Planning Team,
Ora Batashvili, Sivan Battat, Maya Edery, Hannah Goldman, Tom Haviv, Anna Jacobs, Jenny Romaine, and Keren Soffer-Sharon