Freedom to Thrive Meeting

JFREJ has launched a bold response to the rise in antisemitic hate violence in New York City — the Hate Violence Prevention Initiative — in partnership with a diverse array of partner organizations across the city. And we want your help in responding to incidents of hate violence, and changing the conversation in the Jewish community about how to stay safe as white nationalist activity increases in our city. Join us on Monday, April 29th at 6:30pm for a Community Safety Meeting and find out how you can help.

The Hate Violence Prevention Initiative includes:

Bystander/upstander intervention trainings to empower community members to ally themselves with victims when an incident of hate or harassment is underway in public.

Community-based, culturally competent reporting of hate violence incidents. Marginalized communities feel safest reporting incidents to community-based organizations, which can help them to make a safety plan and determine whether or not they would like to report to law enforcement or another city agency

Community care, including community-led transformative justice processes that focus on challenging and transforming the perspectives of people who do harm in our neighborhoods, as well as counseling and peer support services for survivors of violence

Rapid incident responses that may include community alerts, town hall meetings, neighborhood safety events, and will also create space for targeted school-based and neighborhood education across multiple identities.

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