Campaign Meeting: Freedom to Thrive

Since the Amazon deal was announced, JFREJers have been clear: Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio’s backroom deal to bring an Amazon headquarters to Long Island City will harm New Yorkers. Not only will Amazon HQ2 fuel displacement, further overburden our school system, and worsen our transit crisis. Not only is this deal a secretive and corrupt give-away to the richest man in the world. Amazon is also an unchecked monopoly that exploits workers, endangers immigrants, and profits from racism. We believe that Jewish New Yorkers have a great deal at stake in this moment, and that we have a critical role to play in stopping this deal.

Join us Tuesday night to join the work of bringing our Jewish communities into the struggle to kill this deal. Discussions will include: How is JFREJ’s work to end NYPD surveillance linked to the fight against Amazon? How is JFREJ’s work towards a more caring feminist economy linked to the fight against Amazon? How can we bring Jewish communities into the fight against HQ2, in light of Amazon’s profiteering from white nationalism, antisemitism, racism, and Islamophobia?

There will be pizza dinner! The meeting location will be wheelchair accessible. Email if you have any access requests.