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JFREJ Just Won a 2014-2015 Slingshot Award!

We have good news to share! We just learned that the Slingshot Fund has selected JFREJ as being among North America’s most innovative Jewish organizations.

Jews Recommit to Standing Against Islamophobia

At this time of deep community introspection and recommitment, our coalition has issued a short video--Jews Recommit to Standing Against Islamophobia. 

What you can do: Solidarity with Michael Brown and all victims of police brutality

Jews in New York have been asking: What can be done to be in solidarity with folks in Ferguson?

Below are some requests from organizers in Ferguson and folks on the ground in St. Louis, including from Missourians Organizing for Reform & Empowerment (MORE) and Organization for Black Struggle (OBS).

Breaking: Jews Threaten Brooklyn Mosque

New York Jews Respond to Anti-Muslim Harassment During Month of Ramadan, Stand with Neighbors

Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, together with its partner organizations in the Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition (JAIC), strongly condemns the threatening and intimidating targeting of Muslims praying at two mosques on Sunday morning, and calls on New York City leadership to take action to ensure the safety of all Muslims in New York.

Know Your Responsibilities!

We recently all saw the tragic killing of Eric Garner by the NYPD. The only reason Eric Garner is a name we know is because of the phone video of his unjust and unnecessary death. The Campaign for Police Accountability has produced a flyer to help us understand our rights, tactics and responsibilities when we witness an arrest or police action. If there were ever any doubt about the importance of cop-watching or developing a culture of cop-watching, these events demonstrate in stark terms why we need to turn our eyes and cameras on these situations. Please download the flyer, and get involved in the campaign.

Apply today! The JFREJ Youth Brigade needs you!

Jews for Racial & Economic Justice is proud to be launching our Youth Brigade, a program to engage Jewish high school students age 13 - 18 to work towards JFREJ's ongoing mission of speaking truth to power and pursuing racial and economic justice right here at home.

The Grace Paley Organizing Fellowship has returned for another fabulous and powerful year!

Protect All Resident's Civil Rights: An Action Response to NYPD Raids on UWS Homeless Shelters

On May 23rd, police raided a homeless shelter on the Upper West Side at 4 a.m., arresting anyone with an outstanding warrant. When challenged on this use of police force by advocates for the homeless, Capt. Marlon Larin defended the strategy and asserted that it would continue, despite remarks from Police Commissioner William Bratton expressing his disapproval.

On June 18th, JFREJ protested in solidarity with Picture the Homeless, and other individuals and groups involved in Communities United for Police Reform. This community pressure worked! The NYPD has agreed to stop future raids on homeless shelters.

Below, JFREJ member Neil Friedman shares his experience of the protest.

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