April 7th marks exactly six months since Hamas’ horrific attack that killed 1200 Israelis and kidnapped hundreds more. April 7th marks six months of the Israeli state’s brutal, ongoing genocidal violence against Palestinians in Gaza, killing over 33,000 people — including 14,000 children.

As the merciless bombing has continued, so has the forced starvation & detention, and the targeting of medical & aid workers, journalists, and families.

Six months since. Six months of.

On this day, we cannot mark and mourn one without the other. And we cannot mourn without demanding action: an immediate, permanent ceasefire; the release of all hostages — everyone for everyone; no more US military funding for Israel; an end to occupation and apartheid.

We invite you to light a yahrzeit candle (or any candle you have) as a visible reminder of all those we’ve lost, and all the lives still at stake.