Media Contact: Sophie Ellman-Golan |

New York, NY — The Jewish Vote, the electoral arm of Jews for Racial & Economic Justice Action (JFREJ) proudly endorses Rep. Jamaal Bowman for reelection to the U.S. Congress representing New York’s 16th Congressional District..

“JFREJ members first organized as Jews for Jamaal in 2020, when Bowman was a middle school principal challenging one of the most powerful Democrats in the House, running on a bold agenda including Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and true racial justice,” said Alicia Singham Goodwin, Political Director at JFREJ and The Jewish Vote. “In 2020, our members mobilized a multiracial and multigenerational constituency of Jews who reject a politics of fear, show up for progressive causes, and are ready to redefine ‘the Jewish vote.’ That’s the coalition that defended Jamaal’s seat from a wave of big money attacks in 2022, and it’s the same coalition that’s got his back now as he’s up for reelection.”

“As a Jewish college student, I am so appreciative of Rep. Bowman’s leadership around combating antisemitism and Islamophobia on campus, and supporting students,” said Raphy Jacobson, a Riverdale resident, JFREJ member, and former constituent who campaigned for Rep. Bowman in 2020. “I have seen countless posts about what Jewish students need, many of them written by people who have not set foot on a college campus in years. But the only person who has actually articulated what I want and need, has been Congressman Jamaal Bowman.”

“Our community will not be duped by AIPAC's cynical attempt to pit Jews against Jamaal. We know him to be a compassionate and moral leader who has time and again shown his commitment to representing all of his constituents,” said Howard Horowitz, a JFREJ member and constituent in NY-16.

In 2020, The Jewish Vote (TJV) members helped propel insurgent challenger Jamaal Bowman to primary and general election victory in NY-16. In 2021, TJV’s candidates won 18 out of the 28 City Council and citywide races in which the group endorsed, with all but one winning in the 2021 general election. In 2022, TJV helped to win victories in State Senate primaries for Kristen Gonzalez, Robert Jackson, Gustavo Rivera, and Jabari Brisport, as well as defending and reelecting all endorsed NY Assembly Members. The continued success of JFREJ’s electoral program — now in its sixth cycle — has made The Jewish Vote a formidable figure in New York City politics, and the ascendent electoral Left nationwide.


Jews For Racial & Economic Justice Action (JFREJ) is a 6,000-member grassroots organization and the home of New York’s Jewish Left. For over 30 years, JFREJ members have organized alongside our neighbors to transform New York from a playground for the wealthy few into a real democracy, free from all forms of racist violence. The Jewish Vote is JFREJ’s electoral arm.