As an organization rooted in Jewish diaspora in New York City, this moment calls us to act with the following local interventions:

  • Countering antisemitism, Islamophobia, and authoritarianism with a focus on defending free speech & safety in solidarity
  • NYC Jews For Ceasefire: Building a local strategy with our partners to keep up the pressure on members of congress
  • The Jewish Vote: Electoral defense - especially of Rep. Jamaal Bowman!
  • Community-building and space for processing

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Fight McCarthyism: There’s a growing need to highlight and speak out against blacklists, firings, coordinated smear campaigns, and efforts to criminalize speech and protest, which are aided by right-wing media, elected officials, and more. Part of this means proactively providing information to more members, partners, and electeds about what antisemitism is, how it functions, and the antisemitic history of McCarthyite tactics.

Read JFREJ’s 2017 Understanding Antisemitism paper Understanding Antisemitism paper

Get a copy of the 2021 Unraveling Antisemitism poster

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Model safety in solidarity: We’re working towards building a community safety team to hold bystander-intervention and self-defense trainings, to marshal and deescalate at protests and marches, to respond to/canvas in areas where antisemitic & Islamophobic incidents have occurred. Together, we’ll show NYC and the world that fighting antisemitism & Islamophobia go hand-in-hand, and that New Yorkers are doing it together.

Sign up for JFREJ's Safety & Security Role Network

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NYC Jews For Ceasefire: Members should continue to attend #CeasefireNow actions as JFREJ, and JFREJ will begin to formally co-sponsor the actions when there is a high level of values-alignment. We’ll specifically focus on pressuring Jewish members of New York’s congressional delegation. And, if we have capacity, we hope to host our own JFREJ actions that (1) call for ceasefire AND full hostage/prisoner exchange — everyone for everyone, and (2) hold space for the grief so many of us feel, and affirm the humanity of all people.

Keep an eye on this page to see upcoming opportunities to take action with #JewsForCeasefire and sign up for the Direct Action Turnout Team

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The Jewish Vote - electoral defense: There is a concerted, monied effort to make any display of solidarity with Palestinians politically toxic, and to impede the local progressive policies often advanced by electeds who do express that solidarity. We will do everything in our power to prevent candidates’ courage and moral clarity from being the reason they do not get reelected. In particular, this means campaigning for and defending Rep. Jamaal Bowman!

Sign up here to indicate your interest in defending Rep. Bowman!

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Internal education and community-building around Israel-Palestine: In order to create opportunities for JFREJ members to spend time together, process, build relationships, and learn from each other, the Neighborhood Groups team has created a Shabbat dinner facilitation guide. We invite any and all JFREJers to host Shabbat dinners (at a physical gathering or virtually!), inviting in members of our community, for meaningful discussion aided by our guide.

Check out this series we collaborated on with the team at Vent Diagrams to help hold contradicting truths about Israel-Palestine and this political moment