Instead of the Mazals in 2022, we will be hosting a Winter Fundraiser on the evening of December 7th that will celebrate JFREJ’s cultural organizing. We will highlight how art and culture have a way of cutting through disconnection and despair, and help us create the world as it should be. This live-streamed performance will include virtual and in-person watch parties. We will have lots more details to share soon, but for now please save the date and register here to make sure you get all the information you need.

Why the change? Two and a half years into the pandemic, it’s hard to get excited about yet another virtual gala. At the same time, hosting the same type of mass in-person and indoors gathering that we did in The Before Times is simply not aligned with our values as an inclusive and caring community. But to be fully transparent, the Mazals also serves an important fundraising purpose at the end of the [Gregorian] year to help close JFREJ’s budget and ensure our financial stability. So, we made the decision to move the Mazals to late Spring 2023 so the event can be in-person and outdoors (with an option for virtual attendance, of course), and to hold an art-and-culture-focused Winter Fundraiser this December instead! The exact date for the spring Mazals is TBD and you can expect all of the things you love about the Mazals: music, honorees, ruckus, old friends and new!