Eric Adams has deep ties to Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jews. Will he reach beyond them as mayor?

JFREJ gives comment to The Jewish Week about Adams Administration's recent hires: "Republicans, lobbyists and former Bloomberg staffers"

By Ben Sales, JTA

(New York Jewish Week via JTA) —

Beyond the Jewish community, progressives across the city have been ambivalent toward Adams, who used to be a Republican and ran as a moderate emphasizing law and order. Sophie Ellman-Golan, director of strategic communications for Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, a progressive group, told The Jewish Week that she’s most concerned about Adams having appointed Republicans, lobbyists and former Bloomberg staffers.

“This isn’t just about the narrow sliver of the Jewish community Adams has decided to solicit guidance from, it’s about the narrow sliver of New Yorkers that Adams has decided to solicit guidance from — one that’s largely industry-connected, conservative, male,” Ellman-Golan said.

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