April 19, 2021

PRESS CONTACT: Sophie Ellman-Golan| sophie@jfrej.org


The Jewish Vote, a project of grassroots organization JFREJ, makes dual endorsement in New York City Council District 6 race, supports Gale Brewer and Sara Lind, condemns right-wing attacks and politics of smears and division.

New York, NY -- The Jewish Vote, a project of the progressive grassroots organization Jews for Racial & Economic Justice Action (JFREJ), announced on Monday their dual endorsement of Sara Lind and Gale Brewer for New York City Council representing District 6.

The Jewish Vote endorsed both candidates as their shared first choice for the council seat, choosing not to rank one above the other and instead backing them both equally. Lind and Brewer embraced the dual endorsement in a joint statement:

“We are thrilled to be endorsed by JFREJ and The Jewish Vote, whose work we are inspired by and whose organizing achievements we greatly respect. We welcome this joint endorsement of both of our campaigns as we each work to earn the votes of our neighbors in District 6.

The beauty of ranked-choice voting is that we can focus on our own positive visions for the Upper West Side without tearing each other down while campaigning for the same office. And part of that support means coming together to reject the politics of fear and division, and antisemitism and misogyny that we see playing out in this race. We are running to represent District 6 in the New York City Council because we want to get things done, to implement practical yet transformative policies that will improve the lives of all New Yorkers: Plans to invest in infrastructure, improve public transit and accessibility in public spaces, secure affordable housing and advance environmental justice.

We have no patience for bad-faith smears from special interest groups threatened by our shared vision for a city where everyone has what they need to thrive. We have no tolerance for hatred and bigotry and antisemitism. What we have is determination to build a safe and equitable New York City, and a mutual respect for each other’s plans to do so.”

Rachel McCullough, JFREJ Political Director said, “Gale Brewer’s and Sara Lind’s enthusiastic acceptance of our dual endorsement demonstrates their commitment to putting the issues and the people of New York first. It’s one of the many reasons The Jewish Vote and JFREJ are throwing our support behind them. It’s also the reason their detractors — right-wing NIMBY groups like Upper West Side Together — are resorting to cheap personal attacks all to avoid defending the indefensible: dehumanizing and displacing New Yorkers experiencing homelessness. We’re proud to support two candidates who truly see Jewish New Yorkers in all our diversity, not simply as fodder for political attacks, and have committed to partnering with us to move our city forward.”

“The Upper West Side has long been the site of ongoing battles to assert the dignity and rights of homeless New Yorkers and reject the politics of fear,” said former Manhattan Borough President and current social justice consultant and activist Ruth Messinger. “Women, New Yorkers, Jews, Upper West Siders, people of all races and ethnicities — we’re taking a firm stand against bigotry, hate, and division. I salute JFREJ for their leadership focusing on the issues and bringing progressive women candidates together.”

“Gale Brewer has dedicated her life to public service and building a caring economy, from her work in partnership with JFREJ to pass the nation’s first law protecting domestic workers, to winning paid sick leave, to initiating a health food program as Manhattan Borough President to ensure elders are able to access fresh fruit and vegetables,” said Marilyn Williams, a JFREJ member in District 6.

Williams continued: “Sara Lind has been on the front lines defending our neighbors currently living at the Lucerne, just as she was at JFK Airport in 2017, when she used her legal expertise to assist travelers targeted by the Muslim Ban. With democracy on the line in so many places in this country, Sara played a key role bringing about the bolstering of our city’s democratic process — from working to pass ranked-choice voting to championing Participatory Budgeting.”

“Time and again, Sara Lind and Gale Brewer roll up their sleeves and do the hard work necessary to bring about progressive change. I can’t wait for one of them to be my next City Council Member,” said Williams.

For a full list of all candidates endorsed by JFREJ and The Jewish Vote in the 2021 election cycle, please visit jewishvote.org.


The Jewish Vote is a project of Jews For Racial & Economic Justice, the home for Jewish New Yorkers to organize alongside our neighbors and allies to fight for a New York where every community has the freedom, opportunity, and resources to thrive. Together we will build a future with Medicare for All, universal rent control, a Green New Deal, publicly funded elections, fair wages and working conditions for all workers, and an end to mass incarceration and criminalization of people of color. The Jewish Vote endorses candidates who will fight alongside us to achieve all of this and more.