Last week, Trump threatened mass raids to “round up” immigrants for mass deportations. Even though he publicly halted the order, ICE operations are ongoing and raids are still happening. Join us next week as we target those corporations directly profiting off that business, like Amazon and Palantir, who contract with and profit off of ICE and Trump’s deportation machine. We will not stand by and let these companies make money off of the suffering of migrants and asylum seekers. If Congress won’t rein them in, the people will.

There’s more information below, and three things we can do in the next week to join with Jews and immigrant-justice groups across the country to rise up and say: #NeverAgain and #CloseTheCamps.

  • Mon. 7/15, 2019 at 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM EDT-– 26th and Madison Ave — Join an action to demand Amazon cut ties with ICE on Prime Day. RSVP Here.
  • Wed. 7/17 from 8-9pm: Join a call to learn about JFREJ’s strategy to #DiasarmICE and #CloseTheCamps. RSVP Here.
  • 8/5 Freedom To Thrive campaign meeting, JFREJ office 6:30-9pm. RSVP Here.
  • Watch and share this video from Holocaust survivor and JFREJ community member Aliza Levy Erber about the courage we need to summon to show up as we are needed right now, to disrupt the business of cruelty. Use hashtags #JewsAgainstICE & #NeverAgainMeans

Click here to join JFREJ’s organizing as part of #JewsAgainstICE and build a future in which we are free from surveillance.


The launch of these #NeverAgain actions was Sunday, June 30, when hundreds of Jews and allies sang and prayed together as we showed up alongside Movimiento Cosecha to shut down an ICE detention center in New Jersey for over an hour. Thirty-six of us, including many JFREJ members, were arrested for refusing to move, for refusing to accept a world where families go without food and water and blankets and soap and medicine because of our government’s actions. It was a powerful show of support for immigrant families living in fear in our neighborhoods, and in terror in ICE custody. And it was just the beginning.

The week of July 1-6, #JewsAgainstICE actions are taking place in Boston, Providence, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and scores of other locations around the country. Join us as we take action here in New York to be part of this swelling movement, led by immigrant organizers here in our city.

As Aliza says in her message to us, we know that what is happening is not right, and that no government has a right to do it. We know that to honor our ancestors, our families, and the people in our own communities suffering, we must say: #CloseTheCamps and #NeverAgain.

Join us.