Dear Friends,

Like you, I was horrified by the chilling reports of riled up crowds at Trump rallies shouting “send her back” about Representative Ilhan Omar. We know that this administration is testing the limits of our society, our democracy, and of us all, asking how much cruelty will we tolerate? How much of their dangerous displays of abusive authority will we accept? These tests incite racist and sexist violence, and they also seek to consolidate military, law-enforcement, and economic power in the hands of the very few.

We are in a fight for the lives and dignity of the many against the few, just as we are in a fight for the visionary, multiracial, feminist social democracy our opponents are terrified we will win. Join us in the coming weeks and beyond to demonstrate loudly and defiantly, in the best traditions of our community: We #StandWithIlhan and all Black women and women of color speaking the clearest truths of our time, and we join with our partners and Jews across the country in rising up to do all we can to disarm and #AbolishICE.

Go to to sign up for any of the following actions:

  • Help undermine the tech and data companies that enable and fuel the deportation machine by doing street outreach to tech workers at key companies, urging them to disobey orders and join our fight.
  • Sign up for an action night to help plan critical upcoming action in our city to target ICE and its profiteers.
  • Attend the upcoming Freedom to Thrive meeting on Monday, Aug. 5, 6:30-8:30 to join ongoing rapid-response and long-term organizing for community safety and defense.
  • Join us the weekend of Tisha B’Av for a meaningful and powerful demonstration of Jewish ritual and resistance.
  • Join JFREJ, renew your membership, or becoming a monthly sustainer – it is our grassroots membership that makes us strong in all of the actions we take.

We are clear about the stakes and we refuse to be pawns for Trump and his white nationalist agenda. Trump attacks progressive women of color leaders, in our name, with twisted rhetorical tricks about fighting antisemitism. At the same he refuses to denounce, condemn, or take action against the white nationalist fear-mongering coming from his own party. He is taking this country one step closer to authoritarianism.

This fight for immigrant justice and for real, pluralist democracy is global, and it’s been going on a long, long time. Join us in claiming your own place in these ever-growing courageous movements to win to win the world we need for all of us to thrive and live in dignity. When I see our members in action, as they’ve been these last few weeks, I catch a glimpse of it, and I can’t help but feel hopeful.


Audrey Sasson, Executive Director