We can understand Revelation as that flash we feel when we know something is true, that we have encountered something that will shake us up and push us on into a new world.

That is the aim of the Vision for Black Lives policy platform: To get us all to engage with what Black liberation could look like, what changes it demands, what new world is possible if we transform this world into one that truly cherishes Black lives. When the Vision For Black Lives was released in 2016, many members of our community had strong reactions to the way that Israel was characterized in the document, and many of us never read it in its entirety. Jews of Color in our community called on all of us to remain committed to the Movement For Black Lives, to racial justice, and by extension, to Black Jews no matter what.

Shavuot is a holiday of revelation. We receive and study texts that challenge and inspire us, directing us towards building a world rooted in justice and liberation. This year, we invite you to join Jews for Racial & Economic Justice in studying the Vision for Black Lives. Our Shavuot for Black Lives study will focus on the reparations and invest/divest portions of the platform.

Click here to download Shavuot for Black Lives ritual guide