JFREJ and our partners have been organizing to win the Right to Know Act for the last several years, and we’ve never been closer to victory than we are right now! Join us for a massive rally to demand that New York City Council finally pass the #RightToKnowAct! The Right to Know Act is a legislative package that will help prevent abusive policing and help hold the NYPD accountable in the most frequent interactions New Yorkers have with police. If you turn out for only one JFREJ action for the rest of 2017, this Wednesday’s rally is the one. Check out the Facebook event and please invite your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/122019498459795/ For more information about the campaign to pass the Right to Know Act, go to: www.changethenypd.org/RightToKnowAct or email julia@jfrej.org