Jewish Allies Condemn Black Lives Matter’s ‘Apartheid’ Platform Sam Kestenbaum 8/4/16 "Jews of color have taken center stage in a series of Black Lives Matter-inspired protests happening in New York City. The Jews of Color Caucus, which is a smaller body within Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, most recently staged a protest of more than 100 in Downtown Brooklyn. Speaking on the topic, but before the new platform was released, founding member of the caucus Yehudah Webster said, 'It’s important for white Jews and Israelis to recognize, yes, the Palestinian-Israeli situation is unique, but still it does play into this global system of white supremacy.' 'I consider myself a Zionist,' said Webster, 'but being a patriot means pushing your government and people to be better. That’s why I want Israel to be the best it can be.' "