7 Protesters Arrested at Rally for Black Lives Matter in West Village: NYPD Dusica Malesevic 8/12/16 "Seven people were arrested Thursday during a large rally supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, police said. Jews for Racial & Economic Justice organized the march that began at the arch in Washington Square Park at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday. The protesters then walked down Washington Place to West 10th Street, ending in front of the Sixth Precinct at 233 W. 10th St. As part of a planned civil disobedience, seven protestors sat in the street in front of the Sixth Precinct stationhouse, said Leo Ferguson, a community organizer for the group. 'We sat down in the street and refused to move,' he told DNAinfo New York. 'We wanted to prove in a powerful way that we have a deep stake in Black Lives Matter.' "