[SOLD OUT] "The Banality of Evil" Performance & Discussion

SOLD OUT - This event is sold out; we do not expect to have extra tickets at the door. However, tickets are still available for showings on other nights, Click here to get your tickets!

  • Thanks to an anonymous donor, we are offering a limited number of subsidized tickets ($5 or $10) - use this form to access a discount code. Although April 3 is sold out, folks can still use this code them for any night that there are still tickets available.

Listen to Beyond The Pale's interview with theater director Jesse Freedman before or after seeing the show!


JFREJ is going to the theatre! Get your tickets to the Wednesday, April 3rd performance of THE BANALITY OF EVIL by Meta-Phys Ed. at The Brick Theater, which will be followed by a special post-show conversation about the instrumentalization of antisemitism in the 21st century with JFREJ members and Diaspora Alliance.

Based on Hannah Arendt’s controversial idea “The Banality of Evil” and her scandalous article in The New Yorker magazine, covering the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in 1963. Meta-Phys Ed.’s THE BANALITY OF EVIL is a neo-noir courtroom drama about a “show-trial on trial”, and the mystery about how everyday people become war criminals.

After the show, Join JFREJers Shoshana Brown (Beyond the Pale), Jesse Freedman, and Shamirah Chandler for a conversation on instrumentalization of antisemitism and its contribution to the rise of fascism. They will use the work of Hannah Arendt to initiate conversation that draws historical parallels between 1963 and 2024. What do we need to get right to finally move towards an international solidarity promoting multi-racial, multicultural democracy?

Accessibility: Masks will be required during the performance. The Brick Theater is a ground level garage converted into a theater. There is a permanent ramp to the performance area, which is a little less than a foot up from the ground level. The bathroom has a grab bar and an ADA compliant door width, but the ground is somewhat uneven inside of the bathroom.

The Brick Theater has a studio space about 3 minutes away with a fully ADA compliant bathroom. The seating is most commonly set up with some chairs on the floor and three levels of risers that are a 4-10 inch rise. Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions, concerns or requests – theresa@bricktheater.com