2024 People's Budget Launch

In January 2024, Mayor Adams released his preliminary fiscal year 2025 budget for NYC. Mayor Adams is making big cuts to social services and public institutions YET AGAIN! Since entering office, Eric Adams has cut NYC’s budget six times, making it difficult for New Yorkers to get timely basic services they rely on --- everything from public libraries to SNAP and cash assistance to childcare has been slashed or deteriorated.

We have a different vision than Mayor Adams --- a people's budget that offers care, dignity, and justice for all NYers (not cuts or criminalization). At the People's Budget Launch, we’ll highlight some of our core demands for a people’s budget and mark the beginning of a four month public campaign to push the Mayor and the City Council to deliver a better budget for all, including funding for public schools, 3K, CUNY, libraries, essential and social services, and housing, and divestment from NYPD and DOC.

Join us at the People’s Budget Campaign Launch on Wednesday, March 6 @ 11 AM at the steps of the Tweed building (52 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007) to fight for a People's Budget, #CareNotCuts, and #CareNotCriminalization!