It's How Many Stops O'Clock!

The New York City Council is convening on Tuesday (1/30) to vote on the How Many Stops Act and override Mayor Adams's veto! This is our last chance to make sure this vital police transparency legislation becomes law.

Join JFREJ for a lunchtime text-bank urging key councilmembers to override the mayor's veto and pass HMSA. Drop in anytime between noon–1pm on Monday.

The mayor and the NYPD have pulled out all the stops (haha!) in their attempt to kill the How Many Stops Act. From blatantly lying to New Yorkers about the impact of the bills, to inviting councilmembers to go on public relations "ride alongs" with the NYPD. But PR can't disguise the true nature of the NYPD's unconstitutional stop regime, and we can't leave this critical vote up to chance.

Don't let the mayor and the police unions score a victory by lying to New Yorkers, and help us get the data we need to curtail the NYPD's over-policing of Black and Brown communities.

Then join us on Tuesday for a rally at City Hall ahead of the vote itself.