Free To Pee Community Speak Out

The VOCAL-NY Homelessness Union & Picture the Homeless are reviving the FREE TO PEE Campaign. Join us on Halloween Day for a community speak out about NYC'S Bathroom Horrors: There are not enough clean and accessible public bathrooms available throughout the city. This is a homelessness issue, a public health issue, an accessibility and disability justice issue, a criminalization of poverty issue, a public funds issue, and so much more.

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Why is this so important? It impacts all of us. NYC DOT has had tax-payer funded, self cleaning rest stations in storage for over a decade, and needs to install them NOW!


  • NYC MUST declare bathroom inaccessibility a public health emergency
  • NYC MUST install all Automatic Public Toilets – make them functionable and FREE.
  • NYC must engage in an economically just initiative to increase workforce that will ensure maintenance, sanitation and safety of restrooms.
  • Reopen ALL MTA bathrooms.
  • Commit to increasing access to public bathrooms across NYC.
NYC Bathroom Horrors. Halloween Day, 10/31, 12pm. Public Health Emergency! Where Are The Bathrooms? The people of NYC should be Free To Pee! The city must install and fix ALL automatic public toilets. Fordham Plaza (Webster Ave b/w 189th St & E Fordham Rd) Bus: Bx41 (189th/Webster or E Fordham Rd), Bx12 (E Fordham Rd/3rd Ave) Train: B,D to Fordham Rd (8min walk)