Briefing for JFREJ Member Rabbis: Our strategy for Israel & Palestine as a Local Issue

We invite rabbis who are members of JFREJ to join us for a closed briefing about our organization’s developing strategy on Israel-Palestine as a local issue (scroll down for more information).

Over the summer of 2021, given conditions on the ground and the ways in which our allies were approaching Israel-Palestine, we surveyed our membership in order to open up space for community-wide discussion about the issue. Hundreds of JFREJ members took the time to fill out the survey and shared with us their thoughts, fears, and hopes about the organization’s approach. After collecting responses, we hired a JFREJ member with expertise in data analysis (Susannah Dyen) to begin analyzing the data, and assembled a JFREJ Israel-Palestine team of members to identify JFREJ’s unique positioning and opportunities, and develop clear criteria for when we act and when we don’t.

This fall, the JFREJ Israel-Palestine Team is thrilled to present a new series as part of a 5783 participatory process that engages our neighborhood groups, caucuses, campaign teams, allies, and full membership. Together, we will do some deep learning together; clarify when and how we take action and speak out on the subject; align around a theory of change; and develop a shared understanding of our strategy on Israel-Palestine as a local NYC issue. We encourage all our rabbi members to participate! This series of events is only open to JFREJ members in good standing.

Because rabbis and communal leaders within JFREJ are uniquely affected by these issues, we are holding a special space for you all to delve into what we’re working on, to ask questions and raise concerns. We look forward to seeing you! Please RSVP today.