Sephardi Maghrebi Rosh Hashanah Music & Liturgy Virtual Workshop

In this sacred music workshop, Laura Elkeslassy will teach Maghrebi liturgy for Arvit Rosh Hashana. We will brush up famous piyuttim such as Akhot Ketana, which we’ll learn to “dress” on Rau Banim and will dig into new liturgy suchas Kiddush, Lamnatseah al Hagitit, Ledavid Mizmor. Folks planning to join the Egal Sephardi High Holiday services in Brooklyn are highly encouraged to join. This workshop will help you feel empowered to participate in communal singing during the services. All are welcome.

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This holiday programming is organized by feminist Sephardi/Mizrahi community in New York, with support from the JFREJ Mizrahi/Sephardi Caucus, JVP-BIJOCSM Network, IfNotNow JOCISM, and My Jewish Learning.