Election Debrief & Roundtable: New York Jews & Democracy, where do we go from here?

Join us for a debrief of the 2022 electoral cycle and a discussion of where we go from here in the struggle against authoritarianism. We will learn about how AIPAC has aligned with an anti-democratic coalition that is dismantling rights and protections for communities of color, women, and LGBTQ families – weaponizing antisemitism and betting on authoritarians and insurrectionists instead. We’ll also explore the red lines and litmus tests upheld by our local Jewish establishment. How do these dynamics affect our ability to build power and win?

This event is part of a larger series presented by the JFREJ Israel-Palestine Team as part of a participatory process that engages our neighborhood groups, caucuses, campaign teams, allies, and full membership. Together, we will do some deep learning together; clarify when and how we take action and speak out on the subject; align around a theory of change; and develop a shared understanding of our strategy on Israel-Palestine as a local issue. This series is only open to JFREJ dues-paying members in good standing. If you need to renew your dues or become a member, you can do so at jfrej.org/member!