Fall 2022 Social Media Training

Do you want to learn more about how JFREJ social media works? Who runs the accounts? Who decides what gets posted and when? What are some best practices for using social media and why is it an important accessibility tool? All dues-paying JFREJ members are invited to attend our upcoming JFREJ social media training on October 19th at 7pm ET to discuss these questions, learn best practices, and more.

Social media plays a key role in all of our campaigns: From live-tweeting City Council hearings and protests, to visibilizing our cultural traditions and politicized art-making and resilient celebrations, to sharing updates about our work and our analysis with a global audience, social media is a central part of JFREJ's work.

Social media is also an important accessibility and distributed organizing tool. It's a way to make sure people who can't attend an action in-person can be included and closely track what's happening on the ground. And it's a way for people to plug in and contribute to JFREJ's work from wherever they are.

JFREJ social media has always been member-run.Having a full-time staff member dedicated to communications is still a very recent development. The many voices of members crafting messages and memes, and posting on behalf of the organization is part of what makes JFREJ so special. Join us on October 19th!