People's Budget Rally for #CareNotCops

In April, the Adams administration released its executive budget for the next fiscal year. The budget includes devastating cuts to social services that keep New Yorkers safe and well, while increasing funding for programs that criminalize and punish Black, brown and working-class New Yorkers like the NYPD and the jails system.

Instead of punishment and austerity, New Yorkers deserve a budget that meets our needs. Join us on Tuesday morning, June 7th, to rally for a #PeoplesBudget with #CareNotCuts!


As COVID-19 cases surge once again and wealthy landlords raise rents to unaffordable levels, it’s urgent that the City Council pass a budget that prioritizes people over profit, and funds programs that actually keep our communities safe.

Instead of programs that criminalize and punish communities of color, we need permanent, long-term affordable housing, mental health counselors in our schools, funding for education, and clean green transit, infrastructure, and jobs — budgets that will truly promote health, safety and wellbeing for all.