Flatbush Canvass for David Alexis

David Alexis is running for State Senate to make sure working-class people have a real voice in Albany. But he can't do it alone. Every Thursday team, David will be joined by the Jewish Vote to hit the streets and knock on thousands of doors to talk to our neighbors. It's the only way we will beat the entrenched, machine-backed incumbent: through people power. Sign up today!

Canvassing is how we win people-powered elections, and we can't do it without you.

About David: David Alexis is a community man, a churchgoer, a husband and a father of two. The son of Haitian immigrants, he learned that when working people come together, we can fight for something better. For all of us. That’s why David is running for State Senate in District 21. The families of Flatbush’s struggles are his family’s struggles, too.

In the June Democratic Primary, David is taking on Flatbush’s corrupt incumbent State Senator, Kevin Parker. While Parker was pushing to privatize our public schools, David was working to make ends meet for his family. While Parker was lining his pockets with fossil fuel money, David was fighting for his daughters to have clean air to breathe.

David is an organizer, a fighter, a democratic socialist. David is someone who believes that we can win a better New York, if we work together.

Because for David,
Flatbush is family.