NYC Street Vendor Scavenger Hunt - Kick Off Event!

RSVP here to kick off the first-ever NYC Street Vendor Scavenger Hunt in Corona Plaza, Queens on November 14th in celebration of International Street Vendor Day!

Calling all fans of street food & culture: sign up to play the NYC Street Vendor Scavenger Hunt - a citywide adventure to complete fun challenges to win prizes. Along the way, you'll get to meet the street vendors who make our city unique, try new foods - all while supporting NYC’s only street vendor organization.

Join or donate to JFREJ's team, Cloudy With A Chance of Matzah Balls, here!

We'll kick off the Scavenger Hunt on International Street Vendor Day in Corona Plaza, Queens, where local vendor leaders will introduce the group to the plaza & share about their wares!

About Corona Plaza

The market in Corona Plaza has been a key element in boosting the local economy in the former epicenter of the pandemic, where a diverse group of over 80 food and merchandise vendors have organized a thriving outdoor market, featuring Ecuadorian vendors offering dishes like papas con cuero (potatoes with pork skin), Mexican vendors selling tlayudas oaxaqueñas (pizza-like dish made with corn tortilla flatbread) and more!

About International Street Vendor Day

November 14th is International Street Vendor Day - a day calling for the recognition of the contribution street vendors make to our food systems and our lives, and to raise awareness about the significant challenges they face.

About the Street Vendor Project

The Street Vendor Project is a membership-driven organization that champions the rights of street vendors as small businesses to earn a living and contribute to the culture and life of New York City. Through direct legal representation, small business training, organizing support, leadership development, and strategic legislative advocacy, the Street Vendor Project builds power and community among vendors.