Communities Not Cages - Day of Action

Join us on Nov. 17th at 12pm for statewide rallies to launch the Communities Not Cages campaign!

Communities Not Cages is a new campaign building the power of people and families impacted by mass incarceration to overhaul New York’s racist and draconian sentencing laws. RSVP here to join us in NYC at Foley Square!

Why we're taking action: Right now, over 30,000 people are incarcerated in New York's prisons. Nearly 75% are Black or brown.

New York’s sentencing laws are fundamentally racist and harmful - and a relic of the past. In the 1970s, New York passed the Rockefeller Drug Laws. These laws created harsh prison sentences for drug crimes, but they also introduced mandatory minimums and dramatically increased prison sentences - a sentencing regime that persists today.

Now is the time for change. It is time to decarcerate state prisons, reduce the power of prosecutors to coerce pleas and dictate sentences, and address the harms of the carceral sentencing laws passed in the 1970s and 1990s that have metastasized into our current crisis of mass incarceration.