Celebrate Jewish Resilience with Kolot and JFREJ!

Join Rebecca Katz, one of the lead artists behind the Unraveling Antisemitism poster; Jews for Racial and Economic Justice; and Kolot outside in Prospect Park on the last evening of Sukkot. Together, outside the sukkah, we’ll explore Jewish resistance, resilience, and movement building on the newly released Unraveling Antisemitism poster. In keeping with the tradition of welcoming ancestors into our sukkah, we’ll create our own visions of Jewish resilience, past and future, and hang them from the sukkah s'chach (roof). Whether you've long been a part of JFREJ or Kolot Chayeinu (or both!); you're newly ready to learn what JFREJ or Kolot Chayeinu are all about; or your new year could use some ancestral-inspired resilience, we hope you’ll join us!

Important COVID safety protocols: For our collective safety, please remember to maintain physical distance, refrain from touching others and wear a mask when you join us. Read JFREJ's complete COVID safety protocols here.

Accessibility note: The Sukkah will be located on a lawn on the south western side of the park on grass, and chairs will be provided. The exact location of the Sukkah will be shared via email after the new year.

Please direct any questions about this event to Elissa Vinnik, Director of Justice and Equity at Kolot Chayeinu at elissadje@kolotchayeinu.org.