JFREJ Transformative Justice Training (Pt. 1)

We are excited to invite you to a virtual Transformative Justice training with Yalini Dream of Vision Change Win. This is a two-part training. Anyone who wants to participate must commit to attending both training dates: Thursday, October 7th from 7-9PM AND Thursday, October 21st from 7-9PM.

This training has been organized by JFREJ's Team Teshuvah, a newly developing Transformative Justice (TJ) team of members supported by staff, formed with the goal of deepening structural change within our organization to both reduce harm and build pathways toward accountability and repair in our JFREJ community. Our goal is to bring TJ work into the shared culture of JFREJ. Read more about Team Teshuvah here!

This training is an opportunity for us to develop our practice of community accountability towards cultivating a culture of teshuvah at JFREJ. To us, teshuvah is accountable, not punitive; communal, not individual; and measured by our collective ability to regularly check if our actions align with our JFREJ-wide values & principles when harmful situations arise. Together, we will:

  • Explore basic principles of Transformative Justice, Restorative Justice, and repair;

  • Start to develop a shared understanding of healthy conflict and disagreement;

  • Discuss what it means to center survivors;

  • Explore best practices for addressing abuse of power while affirming that no one is disposable;

Our long-term goal is to work towards a shared understanding of what a culture of consent looks like at JFREJ. We're excited about how much more powerful, joyful, and effective we can be when we better understand and practice it! RSVP below and you'll receive the zoom information closer to the training date.