August Caring Majority Monthly Organizing Call & Orientation

Learn from and take action with elders, parents, people with disabilities, caregivers, & care workers on the frontlines of the COVID crisis.

5:00 PM: Orientation to the NY Caring Majority Campaign

5:30 PM: Monthly Organizing Call

About this Event

The New York Caring Majority is a statewide campaign of older and disabled people, home care workers, family caregivers, and advocates fighting for a world where care is at the center, where all of us have the healthcare and home care we need, where and when we need it, and where we show we value care work by praising it and by providing care workers family-sustaining wages and benefits.

This month's campaign meeting is part of a virtual retreat series with several special guest presenters. On August 4th, we will be joined by experts on NYS politics from the Advocacy Institute. During our time together, we will learn the "who's who" and "how" of the NYS budget process. This information will be critical for us as we fight to win Fair Pay for Home Care in the NYS budget next year.