#NYCBudgetJustice Rally & Press Conference at City Hall

Join JFREJ and the entire Communities United for Police Reform coalition on Tuesday at 11AM for a rally and press conference at City Hall to uplift our top demands of community investment and NYPD divestment for the upcoming city budget vote.

We've got just a couple of days left before the city budget passes (it has to pass by July 1st) and though there are some wins on the table, it's looking likely that the police budget will be increased.

We cannot allow the NYPD's already bloated budget to be increased without a fight.
Join us at City Hall where we will make our voices heard and urge council members to vote no on an increased NYPD budget.

In addition to joining us tomorrow, check out CPR's budget report and take action:

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Contact your NYC council members here: bit.ly/CPRBudgetAction