Lunchtime with Audrey (JFREJ Executive Director)

Join Audrey Sasson, JFREJ Executive Director, for an informal hang in 2021! RSVP to get the zoom link.

Note from Audrey:

"One thing I'm trying out in 2021 is to carve out more time to talk with and listen to JFREJ members myself. I've loved JFREJ for over a decade and the unfortunate part of being ED (and the crappy part of Covid) is that I've had less and less time to spend with you all.

So I'm starting small with a monthly lunch session. You can sign up at this link to join me, hang out, ask the questions you've always wondered about the organization, and get to know each other. The time will be pretty casual, no agenda, and we'll see how it goes! And if you have other ideas about increasing opportunities for communication across the organization, let me know."