Let My People Go Fundraising Training

Join us for a grassroots fundraising training! The Let My People Go campaign has already raised over $320,000 and helped free more than 40 people from ICE detention centers. Together, we accomplished something none of us could have done alone. But we are not done!

As COVID-19 continues to rampage through jails, prisons, and detention centers, our loved ones, friends, and neighbors remain locked up in concentration camps on track to become de facto death camps. We can’t do our work to #FreeThemAll without fundraisers and we need your help. Fundraising with a #FreeThemAll message allows us to make a concrete difference in the lives of those freed from detention and to put pressure to end the systems of mass detention and incarceration.

Our training will focus on undoing money taboos, learning hard skills, and finding ways to invite others into doing something together that we couldn't do alone. All are invited to attend.

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