Caring Majority Mutual Aid & Organizing Call

Learn from and take action with elders, parents, people with disabilities, caregivers, & care workers on the frontlines of the COVID crisis.

We are those who are most likely to die from this virus, and we are those who are rising to support those who are sick or will get sick. We are coming together to support each other through mutual aid. We call ourselves the Caring Majority because all of us, in some way, are connected by care and caregiving.

We are neighbors, New Yorkers, parents, elders, people with disabilities, people with chronic illness, caregivers, and care workers. We are organizing to defend Medicaid and provide aid and support between neighbors in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

As we organize to meet immediate and emerging needs, we are also pushing for the long-term systemic changes for the caring economy all need in order to thrive and live with dignity.

Join us. RSVP for zoom link. Calls will include closed captioning and recordings after the fact. For other accessibility questions or requests, please e-mail