5780 JFREJ/TJV Membership Assembly

At our annual membership assembly, we'll reflect together on what has emerged from We Are Here, formulate next steps, & vote on priorities.

Join us for our 5780 Jews for Racial & Economic Justice & The Jewish Vote Membership Assembly.

Over the last six months, JFREJ members & our allies have come together through public forums, courses of study, neighborhood groups, and online assemblies. We’ve been preparing and strengthening for 2020 by reflecting on and wrestling with the big questions we are facing in our movements:

  • Nearly three years into the Trump administration, what have we learned about ourselves and about effective resistance and transformative strategy? What have we learned about our opponents and what we’re up against?
  • What has become possible, and what can we do to build a winning left strategy here, where we are, in New York City?
  • Most of all: what do we mean when we say “winning?” How can we articulate a positive vision of the world we want to bring into being rather than simply respond to each new atrocity as it occurs?

We know New Yorkers—and Jewish New Yorkers—have a particular role to play in pushing back against the alliance of the far right, the very wealthy, the corporate 1%, and the establishment politicians who maintain the status quo. We know that we will not escape the impacts of climate crisis. We know the best way to push back against fascism is by expanding our democracy and with shared prosperity. And we know we’re in this fight with our long-standing allies, one another, and a whole lot of new people who want to be a part of our movements.

We launched We Are Here to help us imagine what kind of organization we need to be within the broader political ecosystem in order to meet the challenge of the moment and the years to come. And we cannot wait to bring it all together at our February 24, 2020 membership assembly. Please Save the Date and plan on joining us!